Children's eyecare

Young girl wearing glasses

A visit to the optician is just as important as a checkup at the dentist.

We believe it is never too early to care for your child’s eyes. 


Children can have an eye test well before they can read. A regular checkup can detect problems early so we can begin to correct them.

Our eye tests for kids

We aim to make our eye examinations fun and relaxed for children - and accompanying adults!


Our optometrist, Jane, has been carrying out children’s eye examinations for many years and she will guide you step-by-step through the process in a friendly and easy to follow way.


Our kids eye tests can be changed depending on how old your child is and whether they can read or speak. No matter what age they are, you can be sure that each test is thoroughly carried out to safely check the health of your child’s eyes and test their vision. 


Sometimes parents can spot when their child is struggling, but often a child will not complain about their eyesight. Although serious eye conditions are rare, routine eye examinations will spot problems early on for greater peace of mind.

Free kids eye tests and glasses

All children are entitled to free NHS sight tests and a voucher towards the cost of glasses. Learn more about NHS entitlement here


If glasses are needed, Roberts & Quinn Opticians are on hand to help you make the right choice.


We are experienced in fitting children’s glasses and stock a range of fun yet quality frames that they will love to wear.