Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

Leave your glasses at home and enjoy the freedom of contact lenses.

Contact lenses can be worn daily as an alternative to glasses, for special occasions or to help you enjoy an active lifestyle and sports.

We supply a variety of contact lenses, cleaning equipment and aftercare advice so you can enjoy comfortable vision without spectacles.

Types of contact lens

There are several different types of contact lens and some are more suitable for people than others. As an independent optician, we are able to access quality contact lenses from some of the world’s leading manufacturers. 


Don’t worry if you are not sure which type of lens is right for you.


Our qualified contact lens optician will explain the best options available to you, depending on your visual requirements and your lifestyle.

Soft daily disposable lenses

Soft monthly/fortnightly lenses

Toric lenses

Multifocal lenses

Gas permeable lenses

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Am I suitable for contact lenses?

Contact lens technology has advanced greatly over recent years, and whilst they may have been unsuitable for some people in the past, nowadays age and prescription are no longer barriers.


Even if you are astigmatic or wear varifocals, let us guide you through the choices of contact lens available to you.

Getting started with contact lenses is easy.


We’ll begin with a thorough contact lens assessment to check the health of your eyes and your prescription, then discuss suitable contact lens options with you based on your needs and lifestyle.