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Eye Examination Equipment at Roberts & Quinn Opticians in Cleveleys


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Our expert team have many years of experience in offering thorough eye health checks for the whole family.

Regular eye examinations are important to monitor changes in your vision and identify the onset of potentially sight-threatening diseases such as diabetes, cataracts and glaucoma.

We recommend that all of our patients have a sight test every two years, and those with complications such as diabetes, yearly or even more frequently depending on your needs.


From the moment you walk in the door at Roberts & Quinn Opticians you will be welcomed by our friendly reception team who will ensure that you are ready for your appointment. 

In the consultation room, our qualified optometrist will run through a series of questions to understand your general health before guiding you through a series of tests to measure your eyesight and determine your spectacle prescription, if required. 

Using modern equipment we also carefully check the health of your eyes. None of these tests are difficult or painful and the whole eye examination will last roughly 30 minutes.


Testing your vision is only half of what we do in an eye examination. A regular eye test is important to look after the health of your eyes.

We are proud to offer our most advanced piece of technology: the OCT. It allows us to clearly see all the different structures in your eyes such as the optic nerve, the macula, the retina and all its different blood vessels.

Including an OCT scan with your eye examination means that we can gain a full understanding of the health of your eyes.


Certain eye conditions such as Glaucoma, Macula degeneration and changes from diabetes can happen gradually without any obvious symptoms. So it is crucial we spot any early signs so we can be proactive with your care.

OCT scan image

If you would like to know more about our OCT technology, or to include this in your next eye examination, please contact our team for more information.


When your eye examination is complete, we will take the time to recommend any suitable products that may help you. 

Our advice is tailored to your personal requirements and we will not recommend anything that we feel is not essential for you to enjoy your best vision.

If you are looking for a new pair of glasses or contact lenses, our experienced team can also help you find the right option to suit your needs and lifestyle.

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